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Our business model focuses on three streams of

structured settlements, annuities and lottery winnings.

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If you have settled a lawsuit and have agreed to receive structured settlement payments, then you are probably receiving monthly or annual payments. These may serve as income for you. Perhaps they are serving as future support for your education, home or family.

Regardless of how your settlement was set up, your financial situation can change quickly. The periodic payments may not give you the flexibility you need right now. Fairfield Funding can get you structured settlement cash quickly in the form of a lump sum to help meet your current financial needs

We are the only industry that will do this with the flexibility you need. A bank will not let you use these payments as collateral. Plus banks want payments to begin immediately. We can buy payments that are years down the road and still get you a lump sum from your structured settlement cash and do it quickly.


Sell Your Future Payments

The promise future payments provide is one of predictability. You know when your check is coming, how much you get, and when you can expect the next check. Unfortunately, life isn’t predicable and sometimes you’re looking at those payments wishing you could access that money sooner.

The good news is, in most cases you can, and J.G. Wentworth is here to give you the options you need to use your money when you need it.

Get Money From Your Structured Settlement Sooner

We got our start by getting people cash from their structured settlement payments so that they could use it on their terms, and it’s still one of the most popular options we offer. If you’re receiving payments from a structured settlement you received after a life changing accident or injury, find out about how  we can buy your future structured settlement payments and give you a lump sum to spend now.

Get Cash Before Your Lawsuit Is Settled

If you’re waiting on a judge to make a determination for your personal injury lawsuit, money can get tight. J.G. Wentworth can put you in contact with companies offering pre-settlement funding, to get you the cash you need to live your life while waiting for your case to settle.

Get A Lump Sum From Your Annuity Payments

Whether you purchased an annuity as part of an investment plan in the past or you received it as part of your inheritance when you lost a loved one, annuities are among the most popular investment options available. When you started receiving annuity payments, they seemed like enough to help pay for bills and other expenses, but circumstances change. Maybe you had to make an unplanned repair to your home, or maybe you want to use the money to go into business for yourself. If you want to sell some or all of those future annuity payments, we  can help. We can purchase some or all of your annuity payments for a lump sum.

Sell Lottery Winnings

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Sell Structured Settlements

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Annuity Buyouts

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