Structured Settlements

A structured settlelment is any number of future payouts, (could be one future payment or a series of future payments) in which the annuity holder may or may not be able to restructure the payment(s) into a settlement that provides an upfront lump sum payment.

Selling your structured settlement, annuity, lottery winnings, or estate consists should be easy and stress free. Depending on the particular state requirements in which you reside or the annuity is written makes it difficult to give an exact number of days you will receive your lump sum of money. If you have a series of future payments that are not helping you pay your current bills, or you need a lump sum of cash now, our structured settlement specialists may be able to help.

A structured settlement company, commonly referred to as a factoring company, is in the business of helping annuity holders, lottery winners and those who settle lawsuits receive a lump sum of cash for a discounted price. The obvious upside is you will have a lump sum of cash to use for whatever your heart desires. Your total payment will be the current value or your series of payments minus the broker fee from the structured settlement company.

How to Determine Current Value

A current value calculation determines what your payments are worth today, factoring in inflation, cost of living adjustments, the broker fee, and a determined interest rate. If you decide to shop around with other structured settlement companies, make sure you perform due diligence. While the industry itself has only been legal for roughly ten or so years, there are a few local companies that should be able to answer any and all of your questions.

Our reputation is widely known in the structured settlement, lawsuit loan and lottery funding industries as most of our business comes from referrals. This is because our staff is committed to excellence and we strive to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Our vast network of funding options allows you, the customer, to receive the best rates we can offer. To contact a structured settlement, lawsuit loan or lottery funding professional you can reach us toll free at 855-529-5336 or fill out our online form on our contact us page. Or stop by our corporate office located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.